hCare Physicians

Our goal is to provide information, access, and support to our HCA affiliated physicians and their office staff. We understand how important the continuity of patient care is and, with today’s current technologies, we have a variety of options available to you. Click on the following links to receive more information on our services.

hCare Clinician Portal

The hCare Clinician Portal is an electronic access point for physicians to view patient information and clinical data through a user-friendly, intuitive interface. It is the entry point to our electronic health record. After receiving a username and password, you’ll be able to view clinical information about your patients on-line from any web-based PC or Mac. Click on the link to log-into the Portal.

Simplified Remote Access (SRA)

hCare Map

SRA is an improved way for you to quickly, easily, and securely access the hospital systems from outside the hospital. You will no longer need security tokens (or SecurID) to connect to the hospital systems; instead, you will use a 3-4 ID and password. Click on the link for instructions on how to access hCare Access.

hCare Mobility

hCare Mobility provides software that can be loaded onto an approved cellular device. It literally provides you the ability in the “palm of your hands” to view a patient’s current clinical data. You will need an active Meditech account, a 3-4 ID, an approved mobile device with a data plan, and an appointment for set up and training. Please call Michelle or Stephen at (843) 847-4837 for assistance.


The MEDITECH System is a set of fully integrated modules for the key departments and functions of the hospital. Patient Care Inquiry (PCI) offers health care professionals easy access to patient information collected throughout the health care network. We provide access and training on how to utilize Meditech for your patient care needs.

For access the services listed above, complete a SAF Form PDF icon and fax them to (843) 847-4669.

For assistance with accessing patient data or with Hospital systems please contact the Physician Support Coordinators below.

Routine password changes or account locks, please call the Physician Helpline at (888) 252-3424.

Support Coordinators

Stephen Whitaker
Physician Support Coordinator
Work: (843) 847-4165
Cell: (843) 469-7715
Fax: (843) 647-6126

Michelle Bowers
Work: (843) 847-3435
Cell: (843) 480-2736
Fax: (843) 847-4123

Linda Mimms
Physician Support Manager SATL
Work: (843) 856-7947
Cell: (843) 513-7860
Fax: (877) 430-7869


Picture Archiving and Communication Systems will digitally store and transmit a patient’s medical images to any supported market computer that is connected to the system or it can be accessed via SSL as describe above. You will need an active Meditech account. The user will receive a user id, web address, and training on accessing and utilizing the software.

For PACS access, complete a SAF Form PDF icon and fax them to (843) 847-4669. This is the same form used to request hCare Access; however, only one needs to be filled out for both.

For assistance with the PACS imaging system please contact the Physician Support Coordinators below; however, for immediate routine issues like password changes or account locks, please call the Physician Helpline at (888) 252-3424.

PACS Administrators

Lori Khan
Clinical Imaging Systems Administrator
Work: (843) 847-3471
Cell: (843) 276-9054

Please allow us the opportunity to demonstrate these options and assist you in your selection of which service or services will work the best for you and your office staff.