PET and CT

Trident Medical Center is committed to providing premium services to the Lowcountry community. We understand our role in providing the necessary technology that keeps our community healthy. Positron emission tomography (PET) and computerized tomography (CT) are both state-of-the-art imaging modalities. PET/CT is a revolutionary technology that combines two distinct diagnostic images allowing physicians to pinpoint the location and extent of cancer and other irregularities within the body before making treatment recommendations. CT is able to detect and localize anatomical features such as the size, shape and exact location of abnormalities; while PET images the biology of disorders at the molecular level, allowing the physician to detect abnormalities in cellular activity at a very early stage, generally before anatomic changes are even visible. PET/CT is utilized for the diagnosis and treatment planning of cancer, neurologic disorders, and even coronary artery disease.

What can you expect during a PET/CT study?

The exam will begin with a consultation about your medical history and other pertinent information. The technologist will test your blood glucose levels to ensure optimal imaging for the interpreting physicians. An injection of the radiopharmaceutical will then be given through a vein and allowed to circulate during an incubation period of 45-60 minutes. After that delay the actual scan will begin. The imaging portion of the exam will typically last 20-30 minutes. The study will be interpreted promptly and results will be sent to your referring physician’s office.

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