Chris Blough of Ladson has given birth four times at Trident Medical Center, starting off in the mid ‘90s, and her newest baby, Jillian, the only girl in the bunch, arrived this summer. Blough has seen the facilities at TMC change through the years and this time was especially impressed at the extra space in her birthing suite, which made it more comfortable for family members to join her through the day. She also appreciated the convenient placement of her bed, just a few steps from the bathroom. “The layout of the rooms has greatly improved,” she says.

Her suite included a cushioned window seat “long enough that someone could take a nap if they wanted” and “drawers everywhere” so she had ample space to put her personal things. The medical staff also had extra storage available for their equipment. “Everything was convenient for them and for us.”

Jillian was running late and stubborn during delivery, her mom reports, so the process lasted from 6:00am to a few minutes after midnight. Yet Blough was pleased overall with the facilities and the care they received. “Our experience in the birthing suite was wonderful.”