A focal point for our program is Trident Cancer Center, located within Trident Medical Center in North Charleston. Trident Cancer Center is an outpatient center that provides radiation therapy and infusion, which can be used to administer chemotherapy drugs or other treatments into the bloodstream. Offering radiation and infusion in one location can provide greater continuity of care and help simplify the fight against cancer for patients.


Trident Health Cancer Care’s primary goal is for each patient to be healed and enjoy a fulfilling and productive life. Our staff and physicians follow the principles of patient- and family-centered care. We meet the physical and emotional needs of patients through a multidisciplinary approach. That means we are inclusive of many approaches and specialties in order to achieve optimal results and outcomes.


Each year, as many as 1,200 patients receive care from Trident Cancer Center. As a result of the community’s growing needs, the center finished $6 million in upgrades in the fall of 2014. The project included an expansion as well as a makeover of the interior and the addition of a serenity garden and tranquility fountain. It also incorporated the latest technology to make radiation treatments easier, faster and more effective. These improvements will help us meet the projected needs of Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties.


Visitors to this outpatient center benefit from a high level of personal attention, a family atmosphere and the expertise of the board-certified physicians with Radiation Oncology Associates, which includes Dr. Margaret MacDowell and Dr. Todd Williams.