Volunteers play a very important role in the Trident Health by helping us to provide high quality, cost effective healthcare to the Charleston community. They do this a number of ways:

  • Augmenting and expanding the services provided by our staff.
  • Providing supplemental services which contribute to patient care and satisfaction.
  • Assisting non-patient care departments with clerical support.
  • Helping to spread the word about the good things happening at Trident Health facilities within the community.

In addition to the Adult Volunteer Program, there is a Junior Volunteer Program for teenagers and both Trident Medical Center and Summerville Medical Center.

What some of our volunteers say about being a Volunteer...

Ida Thompson | 25 years as a volunteer

“I have received a lot of experience over the years through my volunteer experience. It’s wonderful to wake up in the morning and look forward to being helpful to others. I have made a lot of wonderful friends over the years. I would not trade these years of working with Trident for anything and I plan to continue for years to come.”

Mary Ward | 13 years

“When my husband was a patient I met two wonderful volunteers that impressed me very much and that is when I decided to volunteer my services. I wanted to help others like we had been helped. I love feeling that I have made a difference in some small way.”

Sherman Chappel | 16 years

“I hope in some small way through my volunteering that I have helped someone else. It has helped me to value and appreciate others. I can’t tell you how much the staff and volunteers meant to me the times I was a patient myself. I love being part of the volunteer services.”

Mervelle Williams | 7 years

“The volunteers, the staff and the patients are the greatest to work with. I enjoy dealing with people because I am a people person and volunteering at the hospital has been very rewarding. I feel that I have received more than I have given.”

Dick Shackelford | 7 years

“When I leave the hospital after a day of volunteering, I feel I can put my feet up without feeling guilty. I like to feel I am doing something worthwhile for my community and fellow man.”

Volunteer Opportunities Contacts

Michael McMinn, M. Div.
Summerville Medical Center
Mgr., Volunteers/Associate Chaplain
Phone: (843) 970-5276

Gary Hinks, 2017 Trident Medical Center Volunteer Frist Humanitarian Award Winner

Congratulations to Gary Hinks, recipient of the Trident Medical Center 2017 Volunteer Frist Humanitarian Award. The award is named after Dr. Thomas F. Frist, Sr., a founder of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA). Trident Medical Center is among HCA's more than 165 hospitals in the U.S. The award recognizes the highest achievements in serving others. From left to right: Caitlyn Bobo, Dir., Trident Medical Center Volunteers; Gary Hinks, 2017 Trident Medical Center Volunteer Frist Humanitarian Award Winner; Todd Gallati, CEO, Trident Medical Center.