Trident Health System
January 01, 2018

Charleston, SC — The storks were busy on New Year’s Day at Trident and Summerville Medical Center as families extended the excitement of the holidays with the births of New Year’s babies. Each birth came with a unique story. Each baby felt the love of their family. And, Trident Health staff performed remarkably to make sure mother, baby and families were cared for.

Baby girl, Zuleymi Bautista Rojas, was born at Trident Medical Center at 12:40 a.m. New Year’s Day. She was the first of five babies to be born at Trident and Summerville Medical Center on the first day of 2018. Zuleymi shares her birthday with her grandmother.

Emma Leigh Guthrie and her husband Jordan were with friends on New Year’s Eve when she went into labor. At 8:19 the next morning they welcomed daughter Ansley. For Jordan’s family it was the first daughter born in more than 75 years.

Rick and Xochith Martinez are one of the many families moving to the Summerville and Charleston, South Carolina region. They say they have felt welcomed by their new community. The addition of son, Dylan, was a unique welcome to the New Year.