Trident Health System
August 11, 2021

North Charleston, SC (August 1, 2021) – As he was leaving in 2020 for an eight-month military deployment to Kuwait and Iraq Korey Plewinski’s sons, eight-year-old Lincoln and six-year-old Sammy asked him to build them a treehouse when he returned home.  Five months after returning home the Plewinski’s celebrated the completion of the project with a ribbon cutting ceremony and birthday party for Sammy.  For the family the project was more than a promise kept.

Korey is a certified physician assistant with Palmetto Cardiovascular and Thoracic Associates.  He also serves as a battalion physician assistant in the South Carolina Army National Guard 4/118 Combined Arms Battalion, 30th Brigade.  He said the project was an opportunity to work with his sons as he did with his dad.  “I loved every minute of it,” said Korey.  “Considering the boys are eight and six they did a great job.  Two of the main lessons they learned were work ethic and how to use tools.  They even helped when it was raining.”

Korey said while he was overseas he’d talk to his dad, Frank, about the plans for the treehouse.  Frank says when Korey was very young he wanted to do what dad was doing.  “If I was hammering he wanted to hammer.  If I was nailing something he’d want to nail, too.  When he got older he learned how to operate a bulldozer and other heavy equipment.  And, it was great to see Korey’s sons learn from him.  It was special to have three generations of Plewinski’s working together.”

The treehouse is handcrafted.  Lincoln and Sammy like the special features such as the spiral staircase, bunk beds, front and beck decks and a slide that empties into a pool.  For Lincoln, “I really liked watching my dad and his friend work on the roof.  I’m glad he built the treehouse for us.”

For Brooke Plewinski watching her husband and sons work together was a wonderful experience.  “To watch Korey, his dad and our two boys work together made me especially proud.  It was hard work and took a lot of time, but our family was together.  I’m really proud of them.”