Trident Health System
August 14, 2018

Timothy Edwards, MD and Anne Edwards, MD are recognized for their wound care outcomes.

North Charleston, SC - Trident Medical Center's Advanced Wound Care Center has earned national recognition. "We are proud to be recognized as a 2017 Healogics President's Circle Center of Distinction," said wound care specialist Timothy Gregory, MD. "The President's Circle is especially rewarding in that it places the work we do among the top 2% of the nearly 800 Healogics wound care centers in the United States." Healogics is the nation's largest provider of advanced wound healing services. Dr. Gregory is the medical director of Trident's Advanced Wound Care Center.

If an individual has a history of poor wound healing or if a wound has not healed within four weeks it's often recommended they follow up with a wound care specialist. Some of the common diseases treated for wounds are related to diabetes, venous stasis diabetes, peripheral arterial disease and wounds related to trauma.

The Trident Medical Center Advanced Wound Care team was recognized for providing care ranked among the best of the best in the U.S.

Wound care specialist Anne Edwards, MD, who treats patients at Trident's Advanced Wound Care Center, said, "Many of the wounds we treat are very complex. For the patients it's sometimes a long journey to completion, but final closure of these complex wounds is very gratifying for them. Some wounds are critical and we see these patients immediately. More often, we are consulted for wounds other physicians have treated, but haven't had measurable results."

Both Dr. Gregory and Dr. Edwards agree the nursing and clinical teams they work with play an important role in the success of their patients. "Our staff are experienced and thoughtful. Our nurses are highly skilled in wound care-specific procedures, especially in regards to complex wounds." Trident Medical Center's Advanced Wound Care Center has two hyperbaric oxygen chambers, which is especially beneficial in helping heal diabetic wounds.