Dr. Sabino D'Agostino performed the first minimally invasive robotic spine surgery at Trident Medical Center.

First in Lowcountry Procedure Shortens Surgery & Improves Recovery

Charleston, SC - Trident Medical Center has become the first hospital in South Carolina's Lowcountry to introduce minimally invasive robotic surgery. Neurosurgeon Sabino D'Agostino, MD performed the hospital's first. "Many spine surgeries require screws or other devices to help in healing. Alignment of the spine, discs and vertebrae is extremely important. The new minimally invasive robotic surgery we performed at Trident Medical Center helped increase patient safety and accuracy in the operating room."

Sabino D'Agostino, MD

Sabino D'Agostino, MD, Neurosurgery

The technology improves visualization of the patient's anatomy throughout the procedure to help optimize patient treatment. The system is designed to streamline surgical workflow and reduce overall radiation exposure to surgeons and staff.

Dr. D'Agostino said, "For patients the technology can help in several important areas such as shorter time in surgery; reduced blood loss; less muscle damage; and can result in faster recovery."

Minimally invasive robotic spine surgery at Trident Medical Center is appropriate for candidates with lower back, lumbar, disease or injury where the surgical approach is from the back side. "Minimally invasive surgery is a category of spine surgery that has evolved. The new minimally invasive robotic spine surgery at the Trident Medical Center is done with a level of precision and surgical interaction that is unprecedented," explained Dr. D'Agostino.

91-year-old Julia Tourtellotte returned to Trident Medical Center for a post-surgery dance with her surgeon Sabino DAgostino, MD, who performed her minimally invasive robotic spine surgery.