Trident Health System
November 16, 2020

Program Addresses Growing Risk of Chemical Dependency Among Professionals

North Charleston, SC — In an effort to address the growing risk of chemical dependency among working professionals Trident Medical Center is offering a new outpatient program. Dr. Jeffrey Cluver, the medical director of the hospital's behavioral health program Lowcountry Transitions, says the program centers around intensive group therapy.

"The research shows working professionals respond well to this type of intensive group therapy. It has a high success rate," explained Dr. Cluver, a psychiatrist who has practiced more than 20 years. "For many they are already aware that their dependency on alcohol or medications put them at risk of losing their family or job or having an accident that could lead to legal consequences."

According the National Institute on Drug Abuse drug-related deaths have more than tripled in the last 20 years. Today, one in four deaths is attributed to alcohol, illicit or prescription drug use, and tobacco. Chronic use of some drugs can lead to both short- and long-term changes in the brain, which can lead to mental health issues including anxiety, depression, mania and psychosis.

"Based on the needs of our community, especially with the rapid growth in the North Chaleston area, we thought it was important to expand the behavioral health services we've been providing to individuals and families," said Dr, Cluver.

Trident Medical Center's new outpatient Chemical Dependency Program consists of three, three-hour sessions on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5:30pm — 8:30pm. The sessions are led by a licensed physician who specializes in chemical dependency. Prior to registration prospective attendees are asked to contact their insurance company to confirm their plan covers intensive Outpatient Treatment. To register to participate, or if you have questions, call (843) 847-3080. Participants need to be at least 18 years of age to attend.