Trident Health System March 15, 2019

John McGue, MD
Chief of Staff
Trident Medical Center

North Charleston, SC – Trident Medical Center will open a new 14-bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit on April 1, 2019. The hospital's Chief of Staff John McGue, MD said the new unit will provide patient's easier access to rehabilitation care.

"Prior to the opening of the new Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit patients were discharged from the hospital to another facility where they received their care. This was disruptive to patients and their families. Now, when patients are discharged from Trident Medical Center they are moved within the hospital to the new unit. It's safer for the patients and allows them to take advantage of our high quality rehabilitation services with an experienced rehabilitation nursing team, physical, speech and occupational therapists." The new Inpatient Rehabilitation unit features all private rooms and innovative rehabilitation technology.

Patients with diagnoses and conditions ranging from stroke, hip fracture, brain to spinal cord injuries, neurological disorders and major multiple trauma are appropriate to receive care in the new unit.

Patricia Simon, Program Director, Trident Medical Center Inpatient Rehabilitation said, "We are delighted to offer this new service at Trident Medical Center. It's important for patients to start receiving appropriate rehabilitation care as soon as their physician determines they are able to. Our goal is to work alongside the patient and their physician to develop a personalized plan of care that gives them the best opportunity to fully maximize their physical and mental abilities and to return to their home and communities."