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Cancer Care

Over the past three decades, Trident Health has joined with our community in the fight against cancer. Trident Health Cancer Care offers the highest-caliber cancer treatments, technology and support services, all close to home.

As evidence of our commitment to excellence in cancer prevention, detection, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and research, Trident Health maintains accreditation with the American College of Surgeons as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Program. We also follow the evidence-based cancer guidelines provided by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), an alliance of the world’s leading cancer centers.

A focal point for our program is Trident Cancer Center, located within Trident Medical Center in North Charleston. Trident Cancer Center is an outpatient center that provides radiation therapy and infusion, which can be used to administer chemotherapy drugs or other treatments into the bloodstream. Offering radiation and infusion in one location can provide greater continuity of care and help simplify the fight against cancer for patients.

In the fall of 2014, Trident Cancer Center finished a $6 million renovation and expansion project that incorporates the latest technology to make radiation treatments easier, faster and more effective. This will help us meet the projected needs of Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester counties.

Trident Health also offers a range of traditional and innovative support services. And for those patients who need full-time hospital care, Trident Medical Center provides an inpatient oncology unit. Through it all, Trident Health’s caring, talented professionals are here to sustain and strengthen our patients.


Trident Health Cancer Care’s primary goal is for each patient to be healed and enjoy a fulfilling and productive life. Our staff and physicians follow the principles of patient- and family-centered care. We meet the physical and emotional needs of patients through a multidisciplinary approach. That means we are inclusive of many approaches and specialties in order to achieve optimal results and outcomes.


  • Comprehensive Community Cancer Program – American College of Surgeons (ACOS)
  • Certified Quality Breast Care Center of Excellence – National Quality Measures for Breast Centers Program 
  • Breast Imaging Center of Excellence – American College of Radiology (ACR)
  • Radiation Oncology Facility Accredited Facility – ACR
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging Accredited Facility – ACR
  • Positron Emission Tomography Accredited Facility – Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC)

Our Cancer Care Team

Treating cancer (oncology) may involve surgery and radiation therapy, as well as chemotherapy, which may be delivered through infusion treatments. Learn more about these different approaches and the excellent professionals who make up the Trident Health Cancer Care team.

Virtual Tour

View a slideshow of the Trident Cancer Center.

Comprehensive Care Services

Officially established in 1995, Trident Cancer Center offers outpatient radiation, infusion treatments and support services. Receiving all these services in one location can provide greater continuity of care and help simplify the fight against cancer for patients.

Visitors to this outpatient center benefit from a high level of personal attention, a family atmosphere and the expertise of the board-certified physicians with Radiation Oncology Associates, which includes Dr. William Collins, Dr. Margaret MacDowell and Dr. Todd Williams.

Each year, as many as 1,200 patients receive care from Trident Cancer Center. As a result of the community’s growing needs, the center finished $6 million in upgrades in the fall of 2014. The project included an expansion as well as a makeover of the interior and the addition of a serenity garden and tranquility fountain.

In addition, the center added the TrueBeam linear accelerator. With this new technology, radiotherapy and radiosurgery treatments will be easier, quieter and much faster for patients, often lasting only a few minutes.

Trident Cancer Center also offers RapidArc radiotherapy technology, an advanced delivery method in which radiation can be contoured around a tumor while helping to preserve healthy tissue.

Other innovations include high-dose radiation treatments for breast and gynecologic cancers that can be completed within a week, and low-dose radiation seed implants for prostate cancer patients.

Trident Cancer Center is located within Trident Medical Center. Find campus maps and directions for all of Trident Health’s facilities. To learn more about Trident Cancer Center or to schedule an appointment for radiation therapy, call (843) 847-4571. To schedule an appointment for infusion at the center, call (877) 357-0156.

Trident Medical Center has a 21-bed inpatient unit for oncology (cancer treatment) and hematology (treatment of blood diseases. Highly skilled nurses hold chemotherapy and biotherapy certification and take a holistic approach to healing. Families are welcome to stay with their loved ones.

When patients are admitted, in-depth assessments are taken in order to meet physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Our multidisciplinary approach to patient care can incorporate a variety of support services, including nutrition services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, clergy, social workers and a palliative care program. Music therapy and pet therapy are also offered. We strive to meet our patients’ needs with compassionate care.

Trident Health offers a full range of diagnostic services, which includes mammograms and ultrasound imaging at Trident Breast Care Center as well as innovative lung cancer screenings. The American College of Radiology has recognized Trident Health as a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Accredited Facility and Trident Breast Care Center as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence.

In addition, Trident Health is accredited by the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) for positron emission tomography (PET), which is used in diagnosing cancer and determining how a patient is responding to cancer treatment.

Trident Breast Care Center provides women of the Lowcountry the most advanced technology available, backed by a compassionate staff of professionals who understand the fears and concerns of women.

Trident Breast Care Center

Our Cancer Conference meets weekly to present and discuss treatment options for newly diagnosed cancer patients. Over the years, this has been an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas and the promotion of multi-disciplinary care involving oncologists, pathologists and radiologists. Others attending may include nurses, therapists, pharmacists, clinical research professionals and administrative staff.

Once the specifics of a patient’s case are presented, the group discusses treatment options. The goal is to reach a consensus as to how best to manage the patient’s care. As always, all physicians are welcome and encouraged to present their cases to the Cancer Conference.

TrueBeam Linear Accelerator

TrueBeam’s advanced radiotherapy system can deliver higher doses of radiation at great speed so that most treatments can be given in just minutes. The TrueBeam STx radiosurgery system is engineered to deliver higher doses to smaller areas, allowing treatment of the most challenging cases.


RapidArc radiotherapy

RapidArc represents a major medical advance and is more comfortable for patients because they spend less time in their daily treatments. A fast, precise RapidArc treatment takes less than two minutes. Patients can be in and out of treatment quickly and return to their daily routine.


Robotic Surgery

Trident Health has emerged as an established leader in its use of the da Vinci Surgical System for many different procedures. Our surgeons use the robotic system to remove cancers of the bladder, kidney and prostate as well colorectal cancer and gynecologic cancer. Robotic prostatectomy, for example, is quickly becoming the preferred treatment for removal of the prostate following early diagnosis of prostate cancer.

The da Vinci® system can allow surgeons a greater degree of control, dexterity and precision. Benefits to patients may include less blood loss and scarring as well as faster recovery times and shorter hospital stays than traditional surgery.

South Carolina Institute for Robotic Surgery

Radiation Implants (Brachytherapy)

Delivering radiation from inside the body is called brachytherapy.

Brachytherapy uses radioactive implants to eliminate cancer cells, including those that may be left once a tumor has been removed.  This method ensures the maximum radiation dose is tightly focused around the cancer or the tumor site while minimizing side effects to the surrounding healthy tissue. Brachytherapy may be used by itself or in coordination with conventional radiation treatments.

For breast and gynecologic cancers, including cervical, uterine and endometrial cancer, high dose radiation (HDR) brachytherapy is more common. HDR treatments can be completed in days, rather than weeks, which is how long conventional radiation treatments usually take. In the case of prostate and breast cancer, for example, the implants are usually radioactive seeds or pellets that are positioned through a catheter with computer-guided controls. HDR implants are temporary.

Prostate cancer may be treated with HDR brachytherapy or low dose radiation (LDR) brachytherapy. LDR implants release radiation over a longer period of time and may be permanent.  Brachytherapy can be an alternative to surgical removal of the prostate.

Lung Cancer Screening

Trident Medical Center has begun providing lung cancer screenings with low dose CT technology. Using CT scans to screen smokers for lung cancer cuts the risk of death from the disease by 20 percent versus those screened by a chest X-ray.

Lung Cancer Screening

The relationship between spirituality and wellness is increasingly documented in clinical studies. Trident Health’s chaplain program offers individualized emotional and spiritual support to patients and their family members. If you would like to talk with a chaplain, please ask a nurse to help connect you.

Trident Cancer Center also hosts a monthly meeting of the New Image Breast Cancer Support Group so survivors can share their experiences and draw strength from one another.

In addition, the American Cancer Society provides details on its website about cancer support programs and services available for our community.

The overall goal of palliative care is to help relieve patient suffering and provide the best possible quality of life for both the patient and family as they face serious, life-limiting illness.

Trident Health’s Palliative Care Program is a partnership with Agapé Senior Primary Care. Palliative care adds an extra layer of care to assist with patient and family communication and the coordination of support services on their behalf. The program supports collaboration with the patient’s physicians, hospital case management and chaplaincy.

For a referral or palliative care consultation, call (843) 553-3509.

Music Therapy is an established healthcare profession and complementary treatment modality. Music Therapists utilize music and the patient/therapist relationship to promote healing and enhance quality of life. When combined with other medical treatments, it can help patients cope mentally and physically with their illness.

Music Therapy

The Cancer Committee is comprised of physicians, nurses, administrators, chaplains, social workers and cancer registrars. Each brings a unique perspective and expertise to this multitalented group, which initiates, promotes and monitors all cancer-related activities at Trident Health.

The Cancer Registry at Trident Health supports the activities of Trident Health’s Cancer Committee and Cancer Care program. The registry’s functions include collecting and managing treatment outcomes data, quality assurance and analysis of data from persons diagnosed with cancer who receive all or part of their care at Trident. The Cancer Registry is also instrumental in ensuring compliance with all standards of governing bodies, including American College of Surgeons (ACOS), SC Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC), National Cancer Data Base (NCDB) and the National Cancer Institute’s Surveillance Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) program. Trident Health relies heavily on the expertise within this department.

Trident’s cancer data is reported to the South Carolina Central Cancer Registry (SCCCR) quarterly and NCDB yearly. The professional staff members of the Cancer Registry are active in professional organizations, the National Cancer Registrar Association (NCRA) and South Carolina Cancer Registrar Association (SCCRA).

Trident Health helps support ongoing research by registering patients on site for clinical trials related to thyroid and ovarian cancer. Our patients also have access to additional clinical trials, including those offered through the American Cancer Society. The American Cancer Society Clinical Trials Matching Service is a free, confidential program that helps patients, their families and health care workers find cancer clinical trials most appropriate to a patient’s medical and personal situation. Through a partnership with eviti, Inc., The American Cancer Society can help patients find research studies that are testing new drugs or methods to prevent, detect or treat cancer.

The American Cancer Society also has clinical trial specialists who are trained to answer questions about clinical trial participation, and to open the door to treatment options available through research studies. If you have questions about clinical trials or need help completing the questionnaire, please call (800) 303-5691 to speak with a specialist.

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View our event calendar to learn more about upcoming events and cancer screenings.

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To learn more about Trident Cancer Center or to schedule an appointment for radiation therapy, call (843) 847-4571.

To schedule an appointment for infusion at the center, call (877) 357-0156.

To reach Trident Medical Center’s inpatient oncology unit, call (843) 847-4400.