Charleston, SC  Trident Medical Center orthopedic surgeon and hand specialist Sarah Yannascoli, MD, is the first surgeon in the Charleston, SC region to treat trigger finger using a new minimally invasive surgical procedure that can be done under local anesthesia and doesn’t require stitches.  Trigger finger is one of the most common upper limb problems treated by orthopedists.  It is caused by the repetitive use of the fourth finger and thumb.

Dr. Yannascoli, who practices with Trident Orthopedic Specialists, says, “With the help of real-time ultrasound guidance, I can perform the trigger finger release (TFR) through a minimally invasive approach.  The goal is to provide full mobility of the finger, with less scaring and to have the patient back to normal daily activities within three days.”

Trigger finger, or TF, is a common condition in the United States with nearly 800,000 people diagnosed each year.  The condition is characterized by catching, snapping or locking when the fingers are extended.  It’s often accompanied by pain, swelling and popping.  Trigger finger occurs when inflammation or swelling creates a nodule within the tendon sheath and prohibits the flexor tendons from gliding smoothly underneath the pulley(s).  In severe cases, the finger may become locked in a bent position.

Hand specialist Sarah Yannascoli, MD practices with Trident Orthopedic Specialists and operates only at Trident Medical Center

Common symptoms of trigger finger include:

  • Pain at the base of the affected finger, where the finger joins with the palm
  • Swelling within the affected tendon or development of a cyst
  • Stiffness or loss of motion; difficulty in bending the finger
  • Mechanical symptoms – popping, catching or locking

Dr. Yannascoli says the following are among the benefits of the trigger finger release procedure with real-time ultrasound guidance:

  • Most patients return to normal daily activities in three days
  • The procedure is performed in a procedure room or office setting using local anesthesia
  • The procedure only requires a small incision typically closed without stitches
  • Most patients only require acetaminophen or NSAIDS for pain management
  • Most patients experience immediate resolution of trigger finger mechanical symptoms

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Yannascoli, call (843) 764-1730.  Trident Orthopedic Specialists is located at 9291 Medical Plaza Drive, Charleston, SC 29406.