Your weight is over.

If you struggle to lose weight using conventional methods such as dieting, exercise, behavior therapy, and/or medication, then weight-loss surgery may be the answer. We offer a comprehensive program featuring several safe and highly effective weight-loss surgery options, including laparoscopic roux-en-Y gastric bypass, gastric sleeve, and LAP-BAND surgery.

We understand bariatric surgery is a life-changing decision and our team at Coastal Carolina Bariatric and Surgical Center will be with you every step of the way. We are committed to providing you with the personalized care and attention you deserve. We want you to be as prepared and as comfortable as possible for your surgery – and your new life. To help guide you through this process, we've created a step-by-step plan to your surgery.

Changing lives with weight-loss surgery

  • Contact our center
  • Attend our free information session
  • Complete pre-assessment forms
  • Meet with an exercise physiologist
  • Meet with a registered dietitian
  • Meet with our bariatric surgeon
  • Check in for surgery.

The education and support does not end after surgery; support groups, online communication and physician visits are also available. The Center focuses on providing you with all the tools necessary for success and your new healthy life.

What is bariatric surgery?

Bariatric surgery alters the digestive process or reduces the amount of food the stomach can hold. There are a variety of bariatric options available today for treatment:

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery combines stomach restriction with a partial bypass of the small intestine. This operation creates a direct connection from the stomach to the lower segment of the small intestine, bypassing portions of the digestive tract that absorb calories and nutrients.

Gastric sleeve is another type of restrictive procedure which reduces stomach size. More than half of the stomach is removed. No medical device is implanted.

LAP-BAND surgery is when an adjustable balloon is surgically placed around the top of the stomach to essentially functions like an hourglass. The band can be adjusted in the office to control the rate that food empties, providing a feeling of satisfaction after a small meal and affecting hormones that regulate hunger.

Attend an information session

Free information seminars are provided twice a month for patients interested in seeking bariatric surgery as a weight-loss option. We will cover surgery options, risks and benefits of the procedure and what your next steps are to begin the process. It is an informal discussion with time made available for questions and answers.

Seminars are held at 6:00 p.m. in the community classrooms at Summerville Medical Center. Patients must call the office at (843) 875-8994 to register for a seminar.

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