Becoming a parent is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences a woman will go through in her lifetime. But it may also be accompanied by a little anxiety about the emotional and physical journey that lies ahead. That's okay! We’re here for you every step of the way during this thrilling time in your life. We offer different classes to help prepare you and your family for the miracle of childbirth...and for the days that follow.

Childbirth Awareness Series

This is a three week Childbirth Awareness Class will help you understand the stages of labor, relaxation techniques, and other coping skills. Topics also include the birth process, procedures and breathing/relaxation techniques to use during labor and delivery. A tour of the hospital is also included.

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Childbirth Awareness One Day

This is a condensed version of the three week Childbirth Awareness series. You will need to bring a pillow and blanket to this class.

There is no cost to Trident Health employees.

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The Lactation Club For Moms

Free support group lead by Certified Lactation Consultants. Free weight checks provided.

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Prenatal Tour and Orientation

Tour our facilities and meet the caring, professional staff of The Family Center. This tour is designed to acquaint expectant parents with the services and philosophy of our family centered care program in preparation for your labor experience.

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Moving Into Motherhood Support Group

For information only - Call (843) 410-3585 or email contact for more information. This group is offered through Postpartum Charleston.

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Newborn Care Class

This Newborn Care Class provides expectant and new parents with essential information on all aspects of caring for your newborn baby. Classes include tips on feeding, bathing, illness prevention, safety and parenting skills.

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Breastfeeding Preparedness Class

Come visit Summerville Medical Center and learn more about breastfeeding by one of our certified lactation consultants.

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