Can you imagine a world where you are unable to communicate? We hold the key to open new doors for communication.

Our speech language pathologists offer comprehensive speech, language and swallowing services, conveniently located on the Trident Medical Center Campus. We demonstrate compassionate care to each person offering many years of experience in an interdisciplinary environment where occupational and physical therapy services are also available.

Speech & Language Services

Trident Speech Therapy Services treats pediatric patients with speech and language disorders including:

  • Developmental disorders
  • Cognitive disorders
  • Associated syndromes
  • Cleft lip and palate
  • Stuttering disorders
  • Voice disorders

Evaluations and therapy available for adults who have speech, language and swallowing problems resulting from:

  • Stroke
  • Head Injury
  • Diseases such as muscular dystrophy
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stuttering disorders
  • Voice and resonance disorders
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Hearing impairments
  • Laryngectomy

Trident Speech Therapy Services
9313 Medical Plaza Dr
Charleston, SC 29406
Phone: (843) 847-4767